Nick Lammers

I’ve used Navid’s services many times through the years. He always does an awesome job for a reasonable price. I especially appreciate his ability to take a small amount of input and turn out a great website. Navid is always available for questions and tech support...

Jeff Spokes

I would recommend Navid’s work to anyone who needs an extremely competent, reliable PHP programmer. Navid is a superior person who understands what needs to be done, does it, and follows up to make sure it’s been done correctly. Feel free to contact me personally if...

Carla Lee Johnston

Navid has been invaluable resource, creative force and highly in tune with the needs of our organization, OneTeam Humanity. I am grateful for our continued relationship and look forward to working with him on many more co-creative projects!

Lynette Locke

Navid Raoofian is among the top web professionals in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area. I highly recommend him for web services.