Churches, Synagogues – and other religious organizations – usually have two groups of people they want to reach: their current congregants and potential congregants. For both of these groups of people, a key tool in sharing information is the church’s website.

If you want to keep your current congregants engaged, you need to make sure that all your church’s information is easy to find and easy to access. By putting things like service times, contact information, and sermons on your website, you’re doing everything possible to make sure that your congregants stay connected to your church and faith.

For your potential congregants, it’s important to share information that tells people about who your clergy is, what your church stands for, and what they can expect if they visit your church. Pictures and video can bring your church to life for those viewing your website. All of this can draw individuals to your church.

The most important thing, though, is to help people find you. By using search engine optimization and best practices for nonprofit marketing, our firm can bring your church to the top of google search results. Whether your current congregants are looking for you or new congregants are looking for a place to connect, the internet can help them find your church.