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Your cemetery’s website is potential clients’ first point of contact

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Putting a loved one to rest is a very difficult time for family and friends so the process of searching for a cemetery shouldn’t make this time even harder. If you operate a cemetery, your website is extremely important in giving potential clients a first impression of what they can expect if they decide to work with you. You’ll want a design and content that reflects your caring and compassionate attitude, and ensures that your clients will have a positive experience if they choose your cemetery.

Serenity Ridge Natural Burial Cemetery and Arboretum is a brand new cemetery in the Baltimore area that is the first of its kind in the state. Serenity needed a unique yet simple website design that’s easy for visitors to find the information they need, and get a feel for the cemetery. They decided to partner with Web Interactive Technologies to build their new site and help with content.

Serenity Ridge Natural Burial Cemetery website build

A soft, simple design that showcases Serenity Ridge’s unique property

Since Serenity Ridge is a completely new cemetery and the only natural burial cemetery in Maryland, it was especially important to add a lot of visuals to the design. Large images that showcase their beautiful scenery give visitors a feel for what the cemetery is like. And an entire page dedicated to a photo gallery allows potential clients to give themselves a virtual tour of the property.

Madden Industries website build

A thorough explanation of the process with supporting visuals helps put visitors at ease

Serenity Ridge’s green burial is a unique process, and very important for potential clients to understand before they make a decision about their loved one. Web Interactive Technologies helped develop an interactive graphic that explains how everything works. Visitors an hover over different areas of the graphic to further understand the details of standard burial vs. natural burial.

Madden Industries website build

Providing potential clients with all the information they need to make a decision

The easier you make it for visitors to find information and the more questions your website answers, the more likely your visitors will turn into clients. The Serenity Ridge site features a robust FAQ page that answers the most common questions. This is a benefit to the Serenity Ridge team too; they’ll spend less time answering questions over the phone.

Madden Industries website build

Let visitors know you are here for them if they want to contact you directly

In a lot of cases visitors would like to speak to someone directly even if your website has a lot of the information they need. Make your contact information prominent on your website, like Serenity Ridge does on their contact page.

Madden Industries website build

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