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Make it easy for potential customers to book your locksmith services

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What would you do if you realized you’re locked out of your home or car? Likely conduct a quick Google search to find the nearest locksmith that offers 24/7 emergency services. If your locksmith company doesn’t have a good website, you’re not going to reach these potential customers who are actively looking for you.

Cheetah Locksmith, a Baltimore-based locksmith company with years of security experience and expert-level skills, is one of the leading companies in the area. However, service bookings were remaining stagnant. It wasn’t because they weren’t a qualified, reliable company, they just needed a better presence online.

Cheetah got in touch with Web Interactive Technologies to build a new website and improve their visibility in search results.

Madden Industries website build

The first step: An easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website design 

It’s important to think about where and when customers are going to be seeking your services. For a locksmith, most likely they’re going to be looking for help from a mobile device. If your site is clunky and visitors have to pinch and zoom on their smartphone, they’ll likely move on to another site that’s easier to use. And that means lost business for your company.

Madden Industries website build

Make your contact info easy to find on all areas of your site

When someone’s locked out, they already know they’re going to have to wait around for at least a little while, so they want to initiate help fast. Don’t make it difficult for them to find your phone number– have it visible at all times when someone’s browsing your site and make sure that click-to-call is enabled for mobile devices to make the process as painless as possible. 

Madden Industries website build

Show how you can solve your customers’ problems

Ever looking for a product or service and landed on a company’s website that just talks about themselves (*yawn*)? Instead of talking at your potential customer about your business, tell and show them how you can solve their problems. They are going to care more about the fact that you can fix their broken lock fast than the fact that you’ve been around since 1955. You can still have this information on your site by creating an About page, but reserve most of your main real estate for helping customers find what they need.

Madden Industries website build

Provide transparent pricing to reduce uncertainty

Even if a potential customer isn’t in a lockout situation and is looking for non-emergency services like hardware installation or repair, listing your prices helps make their research easier. Transparent pricing means your customers will know what they are paying up-front without even having to make a phone call, which increases trust in your business.

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