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Boosting sales and improving the online presence of your building materials company

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If your building materials or similar company is struggling with sales, you may want to evaluate your online presence. 81% of potential buyers conduct online research before buying, so having as much information on your website about your products as possible is important as a starting point for a sale, whether it be online or in a brick-and-mortar location.

Madden Industries, a company that sells pre-engineered deck railing and screen enclosure systems to both contractors and end-users, needed to improve the online experience for their customers and was also looking to increase sales with an improved website design. Their site at the time was outdated and difficult for visitors to navigate and find the information they needed. The purchase of high-end deck railing or an entire screen room is a large financial commitment, and potential buyers weren’t able to find the product details they were looking for in their research.

Madden turned to Web Interactive Technologies for help rebuilding their site to boost sales, increase confidence in their products, and provide customers the information they need.

Madden Industries website build

A modern web design consistent with company branding

A bold design with large, full-width images and a bright accent color fit with Madden’s branding and made their site stand out. Many competitor sites had too much product information jammed into one section, so we made sure to create a layout that made everything easy to digest, with bold headings and information divided up into various sections, including product summaries, feature and benefit lists, gallery images, and contact forms.

Madden Industries website build

An easy-to-navigate menu and strong calls-to-action

So many websites leave visitors guessing where to find the information they need next or how to take the next step in the sales process. Madden’s navigation menu has the most common actions as top-tier links, with relevant sub-items easily accessible by hovering. On top of that, every page calls the user to take action in some way. On product category pages, visitors are invited to shop online or view a photo gallery via two large buttons. And every page has a large contact form and phone number at the bottom in case the visitor has questions.

Madden Industries website build

Providing potential customers with detailed information they need to make a purchase decision

If you don’t have detailed information about your products along with proof that your customers will be satisfied, they’ll likely move onto a competitor. Madden’s new website features product catalogs, manuals, photo galleries, forms to submit bid requests, installation videos, and even information on how to finance a purchase.

Madden Industries website build

Increasing customer confidence with testimonials

Nothing increases confidence in your products like positive testimonials from real customers. Madden had already been doing a great job at collecting feedback from customers over the years so we made sure to showcase all the great reviews throughout their new site.

Madden Industries website build

The result: An improved online experience and increase in sales

After the launch of their new site, Madden has already reported an increase in the satisfaction of the buying process, as well as an overall increase in online sales. Customers reported how easy it was to find what they needed online, even after they made a purchase and we’re looking for installation instructions. Madden has also seen a boost in organic search traffic, due to keyword improvements and other SEO tactics on their site.

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