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Boost sales of your customizable products by launching a successful online store

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Nowadays, you can find hundreds of online stores where you can order personalized items, anywhere from clothing to jewelry to any type of tchotchke you can imagine. If you’re in this industry, you know your website and store needs to stand out and make the browsing and checkout process as easy and seamless as possible. Otherwise, your customers are going to go to a competitor’s site in the snap of a finger.

MillPros of Phoenix, AZ offers CNC laser engravable items and turned to Web Interactive Technologies to launch their website and online store. They were looking for a simple yet all-encompassing solution that offered multiple ways for shoppers to customize their items. WIT built a custom website and set up WooCommerce as MillPros’ e-commerce platform.

Madden Industries website build

An easy-to-navigate shop with relevant product categories and sub-categories

MillPros offers products in many categories, so it was key to organize them properly so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for. Creating sub-categories was important to narrow down products even further.

Madden Industries website build

Customers can easily select engraving options on product pages

For customizable products, MillPros needed a very simple and quick way for customers to submit their text or image. Each single product page features an image upload section right below the product info. 

Madden Industries website build

Detailed information about material compatibility for engraving

The new MillPros site also features a helpful and informative visual showing which materials can be laser engraved and which would have issues. Customers can be sure they are selecting compatible components for their project.

Madden Industries website build

A quick estimate request form for custom projects

If customers don’t see the products they are looking for, they can fill out a quick form to request a custom estimate from MillPros. 

Madden Industries website build

The result: A seamless custom shopping experience for customers and quick turnaround by MillPros

The new MillPros site and online store makes it easy for shoppers to order custom products quickly without unnecessary back-and-forth between the client and customer. However, customers can still easily contact MillPros if they have any questions or need a custom quote. On the back-end, MillPros can easily manage all orders in their WooCommerce dashboard.

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