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Attracting potential clients with a top-notch property management website

Web Design

There’s likely no better way to please your clients as a property management company than to reduce the time they spend, well, working with you. After all, they hired a management company so they could free up their time and responsibilities.

A well-designed website with a portal for maintenance requests, rent payment, and even listings for potential tenants to find properties, is an excellent way to gain and retain happy clients.

CityWide Properties LLC of Baltimore reached out to Web Interactive Technologies to help with a new website that was more modern, provided more tools for clients, and provided a secure way for tenants to pay rent.

Madden Industries website build

A simple layout and design that makes navigation quick and easy

CityWide’s new website features an obvious and easy-to-use navigation bar that features the most popular menu items at the top. Clients and tenants can find exactly what they need without delay. The site’s pages all have a clean, professional, and uncluttered design.

Madden Industries website build

Professional property listings with detailed information and photo galleries

Potential tenants can easily browse CityWide’s properties on their site. WIT installed and customized the Real Estate Manager plugin for CityWide’s specific needs so they can enter detailed information about each property, including high-quality photos, square footage, and a map location. As well, the homepage features the company’s most recently acquired properties.

Madden Industries website build

A maintenance request portal frees up valuable time for both sides

When a tenant has to deal with a maintenance issue, they’re likely already frustrated. Offering an easy-to-use portal to put in a request to fix their issue can help ease their pain, making them and the property owner happier in the end. This means higher satisfaction with CityWide as the property manager and more likely for the partnership to continue.

Madden Industries website build

A news page keeps key constituents up-to-date

CityWide takes on new properties on a continuing basis, and anyone interested in their recent acquisitions can check in on their news page.

Madden Industries website build

The result: An improved online experience for CityWide, its clients and tenants

Finding a quality property management company can be quite difficult. The number one complaint is that property managers are not accessible or responsive, and having a great website can play a role in making sure your company doesn’t fall into this category. For CityWide, their new site allows them to spend less time on tasks that can easily be accomplished online by their clients and tenants, freeing up their time to deal with other priorities.

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