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Allowing patients to easily find and book lab tests online

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With many consumers opting to shop, book appointments, order groceries, and more from the comfort of their own home, why not have a lab test administered from home? Mobile Lab Test Now offers hundreds of tests that patients can book online and instead of having to find a location to complete their test, the company sends someone right to them so they don’t have to leave home.

Mobile Lab Test Now needed a website that allowed potential patients to learn about how the process works and easily browse and search for the test they needed. They also needed a way to track the tests patients order on the back-end of their site.

Madden Industries website build

A clean, modern website design

The new Mobile Lab Test Now website features a clean, uncluttered design with lots of white space and intuitively organized information. Each page is consistently designed and doesn’t overwhelm the visitor with too much content at once. The site highlights how easy it is to schedule a test online and simply stay at home instead of having to deal with a physical lab.

Madden Industries website build

An easy way for patients to search or browse for the test they need

If a patient comes to the Mobile Lab Test Now site already knowing the test they need, they can easily search for it on the ‘Tests Offered’ page, or if they’re not sure, they can browse by category on the same page. All tests have a ‘Schedule Now’ button that takes the patient directly to their scheduling portal.

Madden Industries website build

Cross-selling other related services

Mobile Lab Test Now also offers in-home IV therapy that can be scheduled online as well. Their new website doesn’t miss the opportunity to cross-sell these products while a patient is already on the site potentially booking a lab test.

Madden Industries website build

Strong calls-to-action that anticipate visitors’ needs and questions

Mobile Lab Test Now knew that patients will have questions since the concept of in-home lab testing is relatively new. Their site has FAQ callouts on most pages, as well as a way to request a test if they can’t find the one they’re looking for. And the most popular tests requested, like COVID-19, are featured prominently at the top of the homepage.

Madden Industries website build

The result: Less time wasted for both patients and the Mobile Lab Test Now team

Now that the answers to common questions are easily addressed on their new site, Mobile Lab Test Now saw a reduction in the number of inquiries made by potential patients, which freed up more time for their team to run their business. And with an easy way for patients to find the test they need without having to call or go to a physical location, customer satisfaction is higher than before the launch of their website.

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