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A well-designed website for your dentistry means more new patients in the door

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Recently, a survey found that the main considerations of new patients when choosing a dentist are online reviews, proximity, and search results ranking. You can make sure your practice is at the top of the list for two out of three of those by starting with a great, well-designed website.

Smile Makers Dentistry in Bel Air, Maryland came to Web Interactive Technologies looking for just that– a new website to improve their online presence and attract new patients to their practice.

Madden Industries website build

A clean, welcoming design puts potential patients at ease

Let’s face it, most people don’t get excited about finding a new dentist. But you can ease their pain by making them feel welcome and comfortable at their first point of contact with your dentistry– your website. There are many factors they’ll consider when choosing a dentist, but don’t underestimate the first impression you give with the look and feel of your site. We made sure to design Smile Makers’ site with a soft, friendly feel. We avoided hard edges and harsh colors, and made sure to choose a rounded font.

Madden Industries website build

Putting important information in an obvious, easy-to-find place

Don’t leave a potential new patient with unanswered questions or guessing on how to start the process to make an appointment. The Smile Makers site has a clear call-to-action at the top of every page, to either call for a dental emergency or request an appointment using the online form. The site also includes patient forms, insurance information and financing options, all easy to find in the top navigation menu.

Madden Industries website build

Use your website as a tool to educate visitors about dental conditions and how your services can help

Providing information about common issues people may seek out a dentist for– more than just teeth cleaning– positions you as an expert in your field. Showing that you are a knowledgeable dentist will make potential patients more likely to trust you to take care of them right off the bat.

Madden Industries website build

Make your contact forms brief and easy

A short contact form means you’re going to get more potential patients to fill it out, meaning more leads for you. Of course, you’ll need much more information if they decide to make an appointment, but save that for the next step so they aren’t overwhelmed.

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