Think about this scenario: You’re in the market for a new computer.  You head down to the nearest shopping center and see two options: one store features a shiny, thin laptop in the window. The other store features a clunky, dirty desktop in the window.  Which store would you walk into?

The same stands true for websites – it’s your business’s window to the entire world. And in the online world, first impressions make all the difference.  There are many reasons to give your website a virtual facelift every 3-5 years, but here are just a few of them:

  • Keep up with technology: With new web development and programming technologies being created every day, internet users can easily distinguish between websites created yesterday and websites created five years ago. New websites include links to social media, alternating images, online shopping, blogs and can be viewed easily on a range of browsers including mobile phones. These are the websites that tend to get the most traffic because they represent businesses that are keeping up with the times and are ready to meet today’s customer’s needs.
  • Keep up with search engines: Most consumers use Google, Bing or Yahoo as their primary source of referrals, making Search Engine Optimization an integral part of the website design process for businesses. And with the ever growing online presence of businesses, regular ‘check-ups’ are necessary to make sure the right keywords are being used… and being used often.
  • Keep up with your own business: The primary goal of most businesses is growth, and with growth comes changes.  Within a couple of years, a business can add new services, products or branches and perhaps now has the capability to handle an on-line store. A new website that reflects your business’s growth can reinforce the commitment of your current customers and widen the net for potential new customers.

At the end of the day, your website’s primary job is to attract customers.  So if the above reasons weren’t convincing enough… What better way is there to attract new customers in today’s marketplace than with a new, eye-catching website?

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